Dr. N. Elizabeth Fried

National Consultant, Author, and Professional Speaker


N. Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D. national consultant, author, and professional speaker will move your audience to action through solid content and an engaging style. As a respected human resource consultant and skilled storyteller, Elizabeth currently delivers keynotes and seminars on a variety of business and personal topics at meetings and conventions. She has appeared on a dozen television broadcasts and over 175 radio program in the US., Canada, and New Zealand.

Elizabeth is committed to helping her clients plan successful meetings. She works closely with the meeting planner and offers assistance to assure the event is well publicized and highly attended. She’ll provide promotional materials and arrange for interviews with the media. It is her regular practice to tailor each presentation to the client's needs by conducting personal interviews with key conference planners and attendees.

Elizabeth has served as president of N. E. Fried and Associates, Inc., since 1983, a human resources consulting firm, which maintains offices in California and Ohio. A subsidiary of her firm, Intermediaries Press and Speakers Bureau, evolved in 1992. It provides access to a broad range of professional speakers.



Keynote Topics

Monday Night Football:  A Playbook of Gender Communication Strategies

A key attribute of successful leaders is their ability to communicate with diverse audiences. Men: Can you afford to lose client business from the growing market of women business owners and corporate executives because you don’t understand how women communicate and can’t relate to their perspective? Women: Are you frustrated by the glass ceiling? Would you both like to develop cross-gender communication skills to help you to increase sales, open promotional opportunities, and enhance client relationships?   Then, gain "genderflexing" skills in Monday Night Football to improve workplace communication and insure your company puts its best foot forward when conducting business with members opposite sex. Consider the full-day seminar by clicking Monday Night Football for details on how we can bring this in-house.



How Am I Doing?  A Look at 360 Degree Feedback

Nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using multi-rater feedback. How Am I Doing?  A Look at 360 Degree Feedback highlights the benefits of this performance management process.  Discover how 360 feedback adds value by helping align  employee performance with your company's strategic objectives. Examine the pros and cons of "development only"  vs. "evaluation" approaches, and recognize the importance of providing training to all participants involved in the process.  The session  wraps with a demo of three different 360 degree feedback tools that address varying levels of organization size and sophistication and a list of criteria for choosing a system that is right for you. Consider the full-day seminar by clicking How Am I Doing?  A Look at 360 Degree Feedback



Creating "Knock Your Socks Off" Rewards Programs and Recognition Events

Catch your employees doing something right, and then show them your appreciation.  That's the premise behind Creating "Knock-Your-Socks-Off" Rewards Programs and Recognition Events.  Monetary rewards are important, but they are usually quickly forgotten.  Nonfinancial alternative rewards programs and creative employee recognition events can make a lasting impression and touch employees' hearts.  In this keynote, you'll discover how to creatively apply a variety  low or no-cost cost reward strategies that can build loyalty, improve productivity, and put fun and excitement into your workplace.  You'll also get to see examples of world-class recognition events from organizations that truly know how to put the spotlight on employees. 



Sex, Laws & Stereotypes

Get the inside scoop on Sex, Laws & Stereotypes from a nationally recognized author, consultant, and master story-teller. Avoid legal land mines by learning the latest interview, reference checking and sexual harassment investigation techniques. For an expanded seminar version, click on Sex, Laws & Stereotypes Seminar



Take Charge of Your Career

Inspirational and informative. Don't become a victim of organizational change. Learn how to Take Charge of Your Career. Gain survival skills for shifting careers without compromising ethics or life plans.



Consulting for Excellence

Whether you are an internal or external consultant, Consulting for Excellence addresses how to make the greatest impact for your client.   You'll quickly learn the key reasons why some consulting engagements are a smashing success and why others fail miserably.  By applying the appropriate strategies, your success rate with clients will increase dramatically.



Internet Roulette

Are your employees playing a dangerous game of Internet Roulette? Get the latest research on employee Internet use and why you need to put polices in place now. Learn what organizations are doing to protect against deadly viruses, sexual harassment claims, and copyright violations.



Managing the Virtual Office

Is telecommuting a boon or bane? Can employees be productive in their PJs while sipping coffee at their computers? Weigh the pros and cons of establishing and Managing the Virtual Office to determine if it offers your company competitive advantage.



Corporate Giving and Beyond - Volunteerism

Companies that champion corporate citizenship gain more than warm feelings and goodwill. Corporate Giving and Beyond shows you the marketing link between business and nonprofit causes. Acquire the tools to measure the impact on profits, employee morale, and brand loyalty.



What Goes Around Comes Around

Get a Life! What Goes Around Comes Around underscores the personal and professional benefits of community involvement. Learn how volunteering broadens skills, expands career opportunities, and increases your sphere of influence --- while making the world a better place.



Sandwich Generation

Do you feel squeezed between the increasing demands of aging parents, growing children, and job responsibilities? Are you pressured by those "boomerang kids"-- adult children who return home after college or divorce? The Sandwich Generation provides solid resource information and practical coping strategies for dealing with these complex issues.



Romancing the Media

Power-Packed Ideas. Develop a PR campaign on a shoestring budget by Romancing the Media. Learn creative strategies and techniques that expand your opportunities for print and broadcast exposure.



Partial Client List:

American College of Health Care Administrators National Conference

American Compensation Association Certification Program

Arkansas State HR Conference

College and University Personnel Administrators Midwest Conference

Citizens Deposit Bank

Exel Logistics Quarterly Managers Meeting

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Training Meeting

Indianapolis Compensation and Benefits Professionals Meeting

International Association of Exposition Managers National Conference

International Society of Performance Instruction (Heartland Chapter)

Metro Phoenix HR Association Conference

Mid-Ohio Medical Management Association Conference

National Institute of Science and Technology Task Force Meeting

Northeast Regional HR Conference

Northern Arizona HR Conference

Ohio Medical Group Managers Association State Conference

Ohio Society of CPAs Leadership Series

Ohio Society of CPAs Annual Conference

SHRM South Conference

South Florida HR Conference

Sprint Great Lakes Career Meeting

State of Ohio  - Kaleidoscope Women’s Conference

TEC - Milwaukee

Victoria’s Secret Management Meeting

Walt Disney World Task Force Meeting


What others are saying...


"Having booked Dr. Fried before several years ago for our South Florida conference, it came as no surprise that she was one of our more memorable keynote speakers and an incredible hit  at our 2nd Annual HR Conference at Sea.  Her amazing one-on-one coaching session with an audience volunteer, provided us with keen insight into the process of executive coaching. By using expert questioning techniques, she was able to get the volunteer to open up about her challenges, come up with various alternatives to make changes, analyze and discuss the alternatives, and select the best solution.  And she did this without ever making a suggestion! I very comfortably recommend Dr. Fried as one of the best presenters I have seen."

Roy Lantz, CCP, SPHR
Executive Vice President
American Recruiters

"I very much enjoyed your helpful and thought provoking presentation, 'Tools for Engagement:  How to Improve the Bottom Line,'  at the District 3 PIHRA meeting in Pasadena this week.  I also appreciated your book, Sex, Laws & Stereotypes, which I have just about completed and is a very useful resource in the concepts of how to deal with work case issues that arise in all companies."

Rolfe Jones
Director of HR
ARC Machines

"Thank you, Elizabeth, for a wonderful presentation, your terrific book and your lovely email containing the extras you promised us. Bless your pea-pickin’ heart for getting up so early and driving such a distance in all that rain to be a PIHRA District 12 presenter. It goes to show you that you are one heck of a trooper!"

Linda Singer
Director of Human Resources
Trigg Laboratories

 I really enjoyed your presentation, especially the “nails” and “cup of tea” exercises. And, I thought your message of front-line managers bridging the gap between organization's leadership and workforce in order to reduce resistance to change/improve employee engagement was very helpful in light of major changes in our organization that are being driven by the economy. Thank you also for the book, it is very good reading for us “HR-types”!

Kate Koering
Human Resource Consultant
Wescom Credit Union

"Kudos to you for such an enlightening presentation at the PIHRA meeting! I was very fortunate to attend as a guest and reap the benefits of this meeting/agenda. In my prior role as an HR Manager, I walked through a similar experience and you are spot on! It appeared that everyone really enjoyed your wisdom. Again, Elizabeth, thank you for the Whitepaper and extras--they are appreciated."

Judy Lack
Permanent Placement Consultant

"Thank you for your presentation yesterday. Clear, entertaining, instructive. As an HR executive and manager, my mantra has been -- for years -- the manager owns the relationship with the employee (human resources is a resource)."

Kay Meckes
Sr. Account Executive

"Thank you for the great presentation yesterday at the NCPA meeting. I knew about the neural pathways think but it just really registered when you put up the slide. It is very generous of you to give us ALL books and the full presentation. Great message on many levels!"

JoAnne Stout
HR Generalist
North County Transit District

"Thank you Dr. Elizabeth! I really enjoyed your presentation at the NCPA meeting. Thank you for the book and autograph too. I loved your energy!"

Kimberly Goreham

“Thank you so much for your great presentation at the Midwest Region College and University Personnel Association Conference. The evaluations have been very high for your keynote address and your concurrent sessions. It was a tremendous pleasure working with you both in preparation for and during the conference. I have never worked with any speaker who spent as much time and effort learning about their audience so that they could customize the presentation to the needs of the group. That knowledge was evident in your presentation. Your involvement helped to make our conference one of the best we have ever had.”

Richard C. Gartrell
Wayne State University
Midwest Region
CUPA Conference Chair

“Dr. Fried provided our associates with an insightful and energizing evening. Her program showed us how to avoid becoming a victims of change. Comments on evaluations included: ‘She was wonderful;’ ‘I could have listened to her for at least a couple more hours;’ ‘I wish all of our members could have been here for this.’”

Rhonda L. Breit
Speaker Selection Chairperson
Sprint United Telephone
Women United/Minority Network

"Your presentation at ISPI was fabulous!  Nothing short of superlatives can describe your session.  The ISPI board members were all thrilled by the response we received."

Jerry Rampelt
Program Co-Chair
International Society of Performance Instruction
Heartland Chapter

“More than 400 women attended your session, describing it as ‘information packed,’ ‘provocative,’ and ‘highly entertaining.’ Participants gave your presentation style high marks, labeling you as ‘savvy and dynamic.’ Like the other women who attended, I also found the content outstanding and delivery vivacious.”

Kimberly McConville
Director of Legislative Affairs
Kaleidoscope '96 Steering Committee

“The survey feedback results are in and you received only high marks. I also received many positive verbal comments about your keynote throughout the day. I want to personally thank you for all the pre-conference preparation time you spent with me. You made my job much easier. If all the speakers I booked were as organized as you were, I would sign up for the job again. It was also very exciting to receive calls from people who heard your radio interview and wanted to come to the conference after hearing you.”

Julie O'Malley
Manager Human Resources
First Data Core

“Thank you very much for shaing your understanding and expertise on 360 degree feedback.  Your speaking engagement was a great success, and your presentation was flawless.”

Chad Johnson
Delphia Consulting

“It was a treat to be in the audience during your presentation at the Ohio Medical Group Management Association. Your dramatic style was very conducive to getting content across to the members. I'm enjoying your book too!”

Ruth A. Lander
Mid-Ohio Medical Management Association

“This year’s conference was very successful. Your presentation was outstanding and far exceeded our expectations. Much of that success can be attributed to your efforts. Elizabeth, it was a pleasure to work with you personally. The level of dedication and support you provided during the past several months was very encouraging. You worked closely with me from the beginning to meet our objectives. You made several contacts on your own to arrange media coverage, including newspaper and radio. This was a big plus for us, as we had not budgeted media advertising. Thank you for all your efforts.”

Jane Emberty
Human Resources
Northern Arizona Personnel Association

“This year’s program is one of the best ever held according to all evaluations and reports. Your high performance standards and the most excellent and appropriate presentation are what made this year's program the success it was. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project. Thank you again for coming to Idaho and for your excellent presentation.”

Joyce L. McDonald
INEL Diversity Forum

Home Location:  Carlsbad, California