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Stay (Retention) Bonus:  Compensation Programs to Hold Key People Case studies of Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Special Projects (Y-2K, SAP)
2000/2001 Survey of Exempt and Nonexempt On-Call Pay Policies Job Site vs. Home Based
1998 Dimensional Job Grading for Secretaries, Version 3.0+ Comprehensive, objective task-based job analysis and job evaluation software
1998 360 Degree Performance Feedback 20/20 Insight Gold:  A fully integrated approach to multi-source performance feedback
1993 Secretarial (Pay) Grading Practices National  Research Report:  Final Update
Survey Sources   Annotated directory of nearly 1500 domestic and international pay and benefit surveys,  hundreds of job titles from chief executive officer to laborer .
Designing Skill-Based Pay Easy-to-read 150-page softbound book on fundamentals of skill-based pay
 Outrageous Conduct:  Bizarre Behavior at Work SHRM Best seller.  A kaleidoscope  of actual incidents about employees whose larceny becomes legendary and a few whose sexual exploits do the same.
Sex, Laws & Stereotypes: Authentic workplace anecdotes and practical tips...  The heralded sequel to Outrageous Conduct.  More in-depth cases and extended legal review.  Used in college HR courses to stimulate discussion.


2000/2001 Survey of Exempt and Nonexempt On-Call Pay Policies: Job-Site vs. Home-Based 

This report investigates 89 on-call and beeper premium policies among companies nationwide. This 228-page study assesses the following:

  • Are on-call premiums paid to exempt or nonexempt employees who either carry beepers or remain on-call for prescribed periods?
  • How is the premium calculated?
  • What are the geographic or response-time restrictions?
  • When employees are called in, are they paid a guaranteed minimum and at what rate of pay?
  • When does the clock start and end -- portal-to-portal or upon arrival and departure to and from the job site?
  • Is mileage reimbursed for traveling to and from the job site?
  • How are employees compensated for responding to telephone calls at home or performing at-home fixes via computer modem?
  • What job titles are affected by on-call pay?
  • Responses are categorized in the following broad standard industrial classifications: Finance, Insurance & Real Estate; Manufacturing; Public Administration; Retail Trade; Services; and Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services.

This report is available for $398 (U.S.) plus $7 shipping and handling. To order: Call (760-633-4444)

The following 70 organizations have given their permission to be listed as participants. However, 14 additional organizations also participated but elected not to be listed.

  • Aetna, Inc.
  • Alltell Mobile Communications
  • American Electric Power
  • AmSouth
  • Apria Health Care Group
  • ARINC, Inc.
  • Asbury Park Press
  • Atlanta Gas Light Co.
  • Bank One
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
  • Brown-Foreman
  • Buckeye Pipe Line Co.
  • Canon Virginia, Inc.
  • Capital One Services
  • City of Bellevue, WA
  • City of Eden Prairie, MN
  • City of Tallahassee, FL
  • Claritas
  • Coca Cola Company
  • CompUSA
  • Delta Technology, Inc.
  • Discover Financial Services
  • Erie Insurance Group
  • Federal Express
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • General Cinema
  • Genicom Corporation
  • Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Hospice of Dayton
  • Infirmary Health Systems
  • Intelsat
  • Kemper National Insurance Companies
  • Lancaster General Hospital
  • Liebert Global Services
  • Maine Medical Center
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Matria Corporation
  • MCI Worldcom
  • Metro Washington Airports Authority
  • Michigan National Corporation
  • National City Corporation
  • NCR Corporation
  • NEC America, Inc.
  • Network Appliance
  • New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • NextLevel Systems, Inc.
  • Océ Printing Systems USA, Inc.
  • Oklahoma Gas & Electric Services
  • Orlando Regional Healthcare Systems
  • Public Service Company of North Carolina
  • QVC, Inc.
  • Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • Raychem Corporation
  • Raytheon
  • Redwood Health Services
  • Salt Lake County, UT
  • Scitex America Corporation
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • Systech Environmental Corporation
  • Total System Services
  • Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • University of the South
  • USAA
  • Virtua Health
  • Washington Hospital Center
  • Weyerhaeuser Company

Sample Policy 


Business Services—Computer Facilities Services, Computer Integrated System Design, and Computer Maintenance & Repair





On-call premium pay Yes Yes
Premium Calculation $100/week  $150 Monday - Friday

$100 Saturday and Sunday

Geographic or response time restrictions None Must be home and have access to phone line for remote computer diagnostics
Clock start/end Portal to Portal N/A
Rate of pay when called to job site
  • Regular Rate up to 40 hours /week
  • 1.5 x regular rate over 8 hours/day
  • 2 x regular rate on Sundays and holidays
$250/4-hour segment
Guaranteed minimum 4 hours at applicable rate described above $250
Mileage paid IRS Standard Rate IRS Standard rate
Rate of pay when called at home to solve problems by telephone or computer Phone:     
  • Regular Rate up to 40 hours /week
  • 1.5 x regular rate over 8 hours/day
  • 2 x regular rate on Sundays 

Log on:    Same as phone

Phone:     Not compensated

Log on:    Not compensated

Pay differences for bonus eligible employees None None



For more information see:

Sleeper Pay Offers Sweet Dreams - 2000 News Release  (Contains brief highlights)  

Report Overview (Contains general summary of findings, sampling procedures, legal issues, and policy considerations)


Stay (Retention) Bonuses: Compensation Arrangements Designed To Hold Key People During Acquisitions, Mergers, Divestitures, Relocations, Bankruptcies, and Special IT Projects

This is Fried's fourth report on retention bonus strategies. It is based on personal interviews with corporate executives and compensation professionals. It contains contains 55 summaries of retention bonus strategies—a 38% increase in cases over the prior report. In an easy-to-read format, Fried succinctly distills many hours of personal interviews and provides key criteria on each case.  The study briefly describes circumstances surrounding the proposed sale, acquisition, merger, closing, or special IT project, such as SAP or Y2K.  Subsequently, the report indicates the company's plan for achieving its objective and reveals the effectiveness of the plan. Brief comments about each plan design and suggestions for improvements or warnings are offered when appropriate. The cases reflect a variety of business issues that are resolved with practical and creative compensation arrangements.   While the majority of the cases apply to top management jobs, a significant number of cases include both nonexempt and exempt jobs. This updated executive report is available  for $520 (U.S.) plus $5 shipping and handling. To order: Call 760-633-4444

To view a sample of the types of cases that are included in this report, feel free to review our articles, Retention Strategies that Survive a Sale.  and How to Keep Key Employees From Fleeing During Times of Transition.  They will give you a clear idea of the report's contents.  We want to be sure you fully understand what you are ordering, as the report is non-returnable.  Every major consulting firm, such as Towers Perrin, Hewitt, Arthur Anderson, Coopers and Lybrand, and Ernst & Young, continues to order our updates and uses them to help design programs for their clients.

Secretarial (Pay) Grading Practices: 1993 Final Update

N. E. Fried and Associates conducted personal interviews with 478 American Compensation Association (ACA) members about their secretarial grading practices. This survey includes data on job evaluation plans, secretarial title options, exemption issues, union status, shorthand requirements, classification control, manager/secretary team transfers, software usage, recruitment and retention strategies, alternate career path options, and training and development programs. The complete report also includes an extensive review of the literature; sample job description packages, which can be tailored to organizations of varying sizes; key criteria for differentiating among secretarial levels; and methods for selling both management and job incumbents on a job-content evaluation system. New this year is the inclusion of an analysis of progressively complex software skills for word processing, spreadsheet, and data base programs as well as an expansion of the creative practices section.

This report is available for $320 (U.S.) plus $5 shipping and handling. To order: Call 760-633-4444

For Office Professional article see:  How To Insure That Secretarial Pay Fairly Reflects Broadened Skills and Responsibilities(1)

For a secretarial task-based job-evaluation software system see:  1998 Dimensional Job Grading for Secretaries, Version 3.0+

For SHRM article see:  "An Objective Look at Secretarial Pay and Status" HRMagazine, July 1997


Designing Skill-Based Pay

Designing Skill-Based Pay, written by one of our strategic partners, is an economical and efficient way to investigate the potential of this new approach to knowledge-based pay. We are pleased to offer it as a resource to our clients.

Until now you had to learn about pay-for-skills the hard way: hunt through the journals, hire a consultant, or visit other companies. Finding the right articles and trying to connect them is a time consuming task. Consultants are expensive. We know. We do consulting. Visiting other companies is informative, but time consuming and expensive.

Now you can take the easy way -- purchase Designing Skill-Based Pay. In a few hours you can gain invaluable insight into how skill-based pay (SBP) is designed and implemented. This one source connects the many variables you must address to create a true pay system, not just a patchwork of pieces. You'll discover essential "to do's" and pitfalls to avoid.

How can you use this new book to its best advantage?  Use Designing Skill-Based Pay as your introduction to this topic. If you already know about SBP, but need to educate others, this book can lay the foundation they need. If you want to implement SBP and are looking for practical guidance on how to manage the design process, consult the appendix for a detailed road map. If you have a program operating, but it's not working the way you want, use the book as a diagnostic tool. Here are just some of the vital topics covered in Designing Skill-Based Pay:

  • Definition of Common Terms
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Establishing a Design Group
  • Key Economics
  • SBP in the Office
  • Learning & Training Variables
  • Job Rotations
  • Establishing Pay Levels
  • Evaluation & Certification
  • Communicating the Program
  • Living with the System

Want more information? Refer to the annotated reading list which guides you to additional articles and tapes.

Designing Skill-Based Pay covers the conceptual and the practical. Its unique table of contents also serves as a note taking outline -- just one example of its practical approach.

Consider the cost of your annual payroll. Are you getting your money's worth? If you think skill-based pay can help you, then you can't find a better value than Designing Skill-Based Pay! Copies of the book are already at work in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Price $56.95 Plus $4.00 shipping.  (150-page Softbound) Quantity discounts are available. To order your copy today, contact us at: 760-633-4444 or e-mail us with the following information:   

  1. Name                                                                      
  2. Title
  3. Company
  4. Street Address
  5. City, State, ZIP
  6. Telephone Number
  7. e-mail                                                                 





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