An Objective Approach for Determining Pay and Grade Levels of Secretarial & Administrative Support Staff

Freedom From Rug Ranking...

Finally . . . a software system that allows you to easily gather and analyze information to assess fair pay and grade levels for your secretarial and administrative support jobs!

Capture the work performed in your company so that you can pay your secretaries fairly. This package gives you the information you need to make decisions affecting productivity, exemption status, job evaluation, and more.

The system is highly flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. It offers you a fresh approach to content-based job evaluation by involving secretaries in its design.

The developer, N. E. Fried and Associates, Inc., is a compensation consulting firm with a sub-specialty in secretarial and administrative support staff pay issues.You can benefit from the firm’s years of research and knowledge with this powerful, easy-to-use software system.


What others are saying about Dimensional Job GradingTM


"The Dimensional Job GradingTM system is designed to dramatically reduce the influence of the supervisor’s rank and focus on the work activities of the secretary. The system is made up of an objective, task-based questionnaire, which covers the full range of secretarial duties and can be customized to meet specific company needs. The accompanying software is used to efficiently analyze the responses for each job."

Alice M. Starcke, Assistant Editor
"An Objective Look at Secretarial Pay and Status"
HRMagazine, July 1997

Weber State University

"We already had a job evaluation system but needed a better way to collect information. The questionnaire gave us instant credibility with our secretarial group and managers. The amount of research that went into this document is evident—the items are both fresh and accurate."

"We have decided to use the questionnaire in lieu of a job description. It helps us save time in terms of what we need to know so we can price the job, and it saves the secretaries time providing the information."

Stan Greenhalgh
AVP of Human Resources
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

The Cleveland Foundation

"This system appealed to us because we knew our secretaries were doing very different activities, but our current instrument wasn’t drawing out these differences. We found the questionnaire contained items that were easy to understand by both secretaries and managers but could not be easily manipulated—it gave us clean, objective data."

Lynn Sargi
Human Resources Manager
The Cleveland Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

ADVO, Inc.

"The questionnaire has been key in enabling us to objectively determine and understand what each of our secretaries is doing and where they fit into our structure."

Marjorie P. Correll, CCP
Director, Base, Incentive & Executive Compensation
ADVO, Inc.
Windsor, Connecticut



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