Self-Development Series

 No matter which 360-degree feedback tool you choose, your biggest concern is what happens next. You want to help individuals move from reading their reports to making positive change in work practices.

Panoramic Feedback'sŪ Self-Development Series provides them with plenty of practical advice, and information about other resources.

Included at no charge with the Enterprise Edition (or can be purchased separately), the Series is packed with actionable information. Each of more than 40 chapters covers one competency:
  • Helpful behavior descriptions
  • Practice activities, experiential learning suggestions
  • Training programs
  • Reading list
  • Other resources: websites, audiotapes, and videos
  • 4-10 pages per chapter

Use it as best suits your organization:

  • Post the entire Series on your LAN or employee website
  • Attach relevant chapters to 360 reports
  • Integrate chapters in training programs


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