Excellent Security

Because surveys contain sensitive personal information, we take security very seriously. You will be glad to know that your data is safer on Panoramic Feedback's™ server than it would be on a software diskette used on your desktop computer.


Professional Protection

Panoramic Feedback™ was founded by professionals with extensive OD consulting experience. Our leaders maintain a professional commitment to confidentiality, anonymity, and safety for all those affected by surveys or 360-degree feedback.

Web Protection

Under 128-bit encryption, all survey information has been rendered inaccessible from the web. Hackers and crackers are reliably refused access. Only two groups of users are authorized to input data
  1. Survey administrators
  2. Responders to questionnaires
(For 360-degree feedback, you may authorize a third group: subjects selecting responders)

For these groups, complex passwords issued by Panoramic Feedback™ protect the integrity of the data. No information is released to unauthorized persons.


Even with passwords, organizers are restricted to contact with their own data, and responders are restricted to entering responses. Neither group has any means of gaining access to the data of others.


Server Security


What happens to data
Daily web site backups are made for disaster-recovery purposes and stored off-site.

All responses to questionnaires are preserved for two months, in case of a dispute. (We have never had a dispute to date, but believe it is fair to all parties to hold the data for this period before erasing it.)


Thereafter, a summary of the data is maintained securely, inaccessible, and off the web site.


But you too can save the Panoramic Feedback™ reports to disk, ensuring that they are maintained in a secure environment.


If you are like most people, you don't run Linux, keep up with the latest security upgrades, or maintain your computer in a secure storage facility. Since a large number of security violations are committed by insiders, the computer on your desk is one of the riskiest places to store information. We are confident that Panoramic Feedback™ is one of the safest.



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