Questionnaires & Reports

Panoramic Feedback® allows you to customize questionnaires and reports to provide maximum value for responders and receivers.

Select from the following options:

Auto Emails

Announce survey and remind responders, with emails generated automatically

Opt-out option

Allows incorrectly-selected responders to be excluded from automated reminders


Select or modify competencies and behavior descriptions from our library, or import your own

Modify Responder Categories

Modify Scales
Intro Texts
Create your own introductory and explanatory texts for questionnaires and reports

Control Comments

Single Responder
Use questionnaire for self-only or supervisor-only evaluations

Flexible Report Layout

Export All Response Data
What's an Olympic average?
It's the average of responses, calculated after the highest and lowest scores have been automatically removed. The technique is used in some Olympic sports to discourage judges from rating competitors in an unfairly positive or negative way. It can have the same effect in 360-degree feedback.


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