Status Reports
Monitor your on-going 360 projects with up-to-date status reports that are designed to keep individual responses strictly confidential.


Response Rate Summaries
At every point in the survey:
  • Check the ratio of actual to potential responders
  • Display response rates for each category of responder (e.g. supervisor, peer, direct report)
  • Understand response patterns
  • Sort summaries by demographics (e.g. department or location) for more precise analysis
Responder Identities
At any time, display:
  • Who has responded - and who has not
  • Potential responders for each subject
  • Responder's email address and category for further action
  • Date of each completed response
  • Trouble-shoot cases where the same password was used more than once
Categories of Responders
When responders are assigned by subjects or supervisors:
  • Monitor who and how many chose each individual responder
  • Sub-report displays responders by specific categories (e.g. supervisor, peer, direct report)
  • For larger organizations, sort demographics to generate valuable information


Panoramic Feedback's status reports provide vital information, exactly when you need it, so your 360 project produces maximum value.