Life Styles Inventory 2 (LSI 2)

Get the whole picture with the Life Styles Inventory 2
The LSI 2 provides information to address the “blind spot” that can derail performance improvement. With the LSI 2, your people can gather feedback on others’ perceptions of their behavior—co-workers, direct reports, or bosses.

The LSI 1 and 2 combine to create 360° feedback. When compared with LSI 1 results, LSI 2 feedback provides powerful insights that individuals can use to adjust and fine-tune their development plans.

Price:  $75 LSI 1 & 2 Full kit




Go Beyond LSI with LSI STYLUS®
A computerized application of the LSI 1 and 2, LSI STYLUS® converts an individual’s inventory results to a fully customized report.





Each LSI STYLUS® report is a “mini-planner” that makes the development process easier and more effective. The report contains a wealth of information that identifies development opportunities and recommends strategies for improvement.

Price:  $260
Management Effectiveness
Profile SystemTM (MEPS)

Your managers are your business lifeline. They’re responsible for guiding and directing your most important assets—your employees—not to mention making thousands of diverse decisions that keep your company running smoothly. And even the best can’t rest on their laurels. To stay successful today—so your company stays successful—your managers must keep challenging themselves to become even better.

Chart the Course to Continuous Improvement
Effective management requires skill mastery in a variety of areas, all equally critical to continued success. So how do your managers know what they need to work on, and when? The Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) is a cost-effective, efficient 360° assessment that gives your managers the vital information they need to get—and stay—on the path to progressive improvement.

Price $135