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We are one of the few consulting firms that have the privilege of offering top-level, affordable 360 feedback products that directly compete with each other.  This a major advantage that works in your favor.  We have made it clear to our vendors that our goal is to understand your needs and focus on solutions for your 360 degree feedback needs.   Our style is to listen to your requirements and give you options.  Because we are consultants first, we give you the facts and don't push you toward any particular product.  You choose what 360 degree solution that is right for your organization based on your preferences and requirements.  If we don't represent a product the meets your needs, we are delighted to refer you on to someone who can help.  We just ask that you give us an opportunity to establish a relationship and earn your trust.

360 Degree Feedback Systems

Our extensive research and knowledge of competing 360 feedback products enables us to truly help you find the right 360 feedback solution for your needs.  We are pleased to offer you the following products for your review and purchase.  For an overview of the differences between installed software, ASPs and service bureaus, we recommend you refer to our brief article.  It will help you formulate your questions and identify your requirements.  Once you have reviewed that, you can request a detailed vendor comparison chart  to help you make a solid analysis.  This chart is extensive and technical.  It also includes products that we don't represent and can be used to as a template for evaluating any others in the marketplace.  Alternatively, feel free to peruse the products below and request the article later.  The information below will give a general feel for features and benefits of these products.

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logo 20/20 SumTotal - A Talent Development Company