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Be Your 360 Degree Feedback Service Bureau

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We basically believe our clients are smart and capable and, with the right guidance and direction, they can flawlessly run a 360 feedback project.   Our role is to offer high-level consulting so that our HR clients get the the primary exposure to the executive team and keep us behind the scenes.  This allows us to truly be your virtual partner, making our presence on-site unnecessary.   

Here is how we help.  We lighten your load by taking away the administrative burden and help you every step of the way from a process perspective.  We have products to help you communicate and implement the project to your organization.  We'll show you how to avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles.  Of course, we can always come on-site and do it for you, but our experience has shown us that you are really the best source for communicating with your own people.  We mutually benefit from this arrangement.  You save you thousands of dollars in travel expenses by using the telephone and internet.  We no longer have to be road warriors, so we get to spend more time with our families.  It's a great deal!

Our role is generally behind the scenes when it comes to administration, data collection, and report generation.  However, we often come to the forefront when we are requested to conduct the debriefing and telephone coaching.  Until 360 feedback has become an ingrained part of your culture, an outside party is usually desired  for coaching and debriefing.

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