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The Self-Development Tool Kit

Self-Development Toolkit: 10 Strategies and 10 Tools to Help You Improve Your Performance

The 31-page booklet, written by Denny Coates, contains 10 strategies and 10 tools to help individuals improve their performance by supporting them during follow-up reinforcement and development after assessment. It’s available as a PDF file so that worksheets can be reused indefinitely. It also contains a link to an online version of the Performance Analysis tool and related resources, which can be used repeatedly.


Self Development ToolKit - Ebook. 

1-99 ($25)
100-499 ($20)
500-999 ($15)
1,000+ ($10)

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Train-to-Ingrain Guidebook

This 90-page resource, written for HR professionals and executives, describes how to ensure that the dollars invested in your HRD programs truly change participants' behavior where it counts - back on the job.

You'll learn how to implement a reinforcement-based approach to learning and development that achieves permanent, measurable improvements in individual workplace performance.

It is chocked full of practical information, including survey items and action checklists to ensure you training projects are successful.rfo...               Buy Now...

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Train to Ingrain  - Ebook.  $50.00 each

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360 Degree Feedback Process, Communication & Coaching Resources

360 Degree Feedback


The Complete 360-Degree Feedback Resource Kit


Work with Confidence

When you use The Complete 360-Degree Feedback Resource Kit, you can be confident that you have done everything to ensure that the 360-Degree Feedback process benefits all stakeholders - no matter what tool you use!

This nine-part kit will lead you step-by-step through proven methods of preparing, training and debriefing the organization: leaders, subjects, and responders.

What You'll Get

Includes reproducible participant handouts, self-study resources, and full-color, editable PowerPoint presentations, 5 volumes of detailed information, and the complete, authoritative text on coaching.

Praise for the Resource Kit

"This collaboration has produced an absolutely invaluable resource for any organization interested in improving the effectiveness of their employees through multi-rater feedback. The kit is thorough, comprehensive, user-friendly and brimming with immediately applicable ideas. "

"For the experienced manager or consultant, it offers a complete approach to help support others in their feedback endeavors. For the beginner, it provides everything you need to know about preparing for, managing and debriefing the feedback process."

"This resource kit will prove to be the most valuable material on your bookshelf."
Prof. Marilyn Laiken, PhD
Workplace Learning and Change Program
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Volume 1.
Process Management Handbook

A three-chapter how-to manual including the following:
• All About 360-Degree Feedback, what it is, how to harness its power
• 7 steps to designing an effective 360-Degree Feedback process
• 4 key factors to ensure a successful 360-Degree Feedback project


Volume 2.
The Art of Receiving Feedback
A detailed, 3-hour workshop design for preparing subjects of the 360-Degree Feedback process. Includes scripted Facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint presentation.

Volume 3.
The Art of Giving Feedback:

A detailed, 3-hour workshop design for preparing responders in the 360-Degree Feedback process. Includes scripted Facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint presentation.

Volume 4.
Receptivity Workshop for Feedback Subjects

A 3-hour post-360 group debrief session for subjects, with scripted Facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint presentation.
Volume 5.
Coaching Sessions for Individual Subjects
A detailed two-session guide to debriefing and coaching feedback subjects individually.

Subject’s Guide

Complete information package for subjects of the 360-Degree Feedback process, including workshop handouts and self-study resources (allows unlimited reproduction).

Responder’s Guide

Complete information package for responders in the 360-Degree Feedback process, including workshop handouts and self-study resources (allows unlimited reproduction).

Facilitator’s Forms

Handouts for 360 planners, including timeline, questions for organizational leaders, design guide, tool selection questions, and user satisfaction survey (allows unlimited reproduction).

Leadership Coaching for the Workplace

by Timothy Bentley and Esther Kohn-Bentley (2002: Irwin Publishing), a practical, inspiring step-by-step guide through the four phases of the coaching relationship. This book is included when you purchase The Complete 360-Degree Feedback Resource Kit.  


For a detailed outline continue scrolling:

360 Degree Feedback

Volume 1.
Process Management Handbook
A 3-chapter manual with everything you need to know about managing the 360-Degree Feedback process.

Partial contents:
Volume 2.
Workshop: The Art of Receiving Feedback
3-hour scripted preparation workshop for subjects of the 360-Degree Feedback process.

Partial contents:
Volume 3.
Workshop: The Art of Giving Feedback
A 3-hour scripted preparation workshop for responders in the 360-Degree Feedback process.

Partial contents:
Volume 4.
Workshop: The Receptivity Workshop for Receiving Feedback
A 3-hour scripted group debrief workshop for subjects where they receive their reports.

Partial contents:
Volume 5.
Coaching Sessions for Individual Subjects
A guide to conducting 2 one-on-one coaching meetings with subjects of the 360-Degree Feedback process.

Partial contents:
The Kit also includes


Complete 360-Degree Feedback Resource Kit.  $795.00 US + $25.00 Shipping and Handling

Additional Leadership Coaching Books $25.95 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling

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The 360 Smart Kit

The 360 Smart Kit CD contains critical up-front information for implement and designing 360 feedback projects in your organization. It's a great tool for getting your feet wet when investigating what's involved when designing and implementing a 360 feedback project.  Before making a significant investment in any 360 systems and tools, consider purchasing this low-cost overview of 360 feedback to determine if 360 is right for your organization. If you already know you want to move forward with 360, we recommend a more comprehensive product such as The Complete 360 Feedback Resource Kit.

Note:  The hyperlinks on the graphics above and the "click on the image to see full size" are for illustration purposes.

The Smart Kit CD includes the following items:

  • PowerPoint¨ files for facilitating
    orientation, feedback and
    development planning sessions.


  • Reprints of published articles on
    360 feedback.


  • A survey sampler with hundreds of
    items from the 20/20 Insight
    GOLD Survey Library.
  • A bibliography of over 100 books


  • Two dozen experts answer the 80
    most commonly-asked questions
    about 360 feedback
    and articles about 360 feedback.

  • Use this invaluable resource to get
    smart about 360!

You can buy this amazing CD! It has all the tools you'll need to learn about a successful multi-source feedback program!


360 SMART Kit.  $50.00 US + $10.00 Shipping and Handling

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Book:  Leadership Coaching in the Workplace The Heart of Coaching Series
Book:  The Heart of Coaching Facilitator's Kit and Participant Manuals for Training Coaches


Leadership Coaching for the Workplace

Leadership Coaching for the Workplace

by Panoramic Feedback™ founders Esther Kohn-Bentley and Timothy Bentley, offers a step-by-step guide to the coaching relationship.


It's practical, inspiring, and thorough:
Practical Wisdom


"For those of us who coach it is a source of great practical wisdom. For those yet to be involved in the coaching experience, it offers the best of introductions."
Clair Duff, BMO Institute for Learning


Chapter Outline
Chapter 1:
Developing Leadership for a New Age
Chapter 2:
Coaching as Evolutionary Magic
Chapter 3:
The Person of the Workplace Coach
Chapter 4:
The Deep Learning Process
Chapter 5:
Contracting Phase
Chapter 6:
Assessment Phase
Chapter 7:
Enriched Assessment
Chapter 8:
Development and Integration Phase
Chapter 9:
Completion Phase

Essential Reading


"While the authors provide a number of chapters detailing step-by-step guidance for improved coaching interactions and concrete applications of coaching in the workplace, their chapters on how coaches can understand themselves with greater precision and clarity and how coaches can become more alert to troubled coachees are essential reading for all coaches."    Coaching News


Leadership Coaching for the Workplace:  $25.95 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling

(10 or more US $23.95 each)

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Excerpts from Chapter 4: The Deep Learning Process

Leadership Coaching for the Workplace The Deep Learning Process guides us into the fascinating territory of the human development process. It enables the coach to approach with confidence those situations which others might avoid as intractable. It helps unleash the potential of those who have accomplished much and are highly valued, but have stalled. And it provides reason to hope for those about whom most others have already given up hope.

The reason it is so effective is that it addresses not simply that aspect of the mind which we define as 'rational', but the mind in all its fullness. It attends to emotions and instinctive responses, to memories, beliefs, assumptions, values, and principles. It allows us to connect equally with that greater part of which we are not even conscious, the deep and powerful flow of the unconscious mind which sometimes sweeps us through our lives without our ever noticing it.

This is a process universally applicable. It encompasses not just techniques of human development (what to do, when, and how) but equally the more subtle motivations of personality (why we cling to archaic behaviour, why we change). It enables the leadership coach to respond, with respect and effectiveness, to the complexity of human nature. Rather than simply resolving external problems located in the workplace, it helps people to change their lives.

Central to the Deep Learning Process is the conviction that human beings in their natural condition have an insatiable urge to grow and to learn. We are intensely curious about what we can accomplish, and we have more power to develop than many think.

In some people that may be less obvious, usually because traumatic events have hidden or frustrated this drive. Think, for instance, of the person who was told repeatedly as a child that she or she would never learn, or who is struggling for emotional survival within a poisonous work environment. Without the stimulation offered by outside help, such people may never realize that they have an innate capacity to exceed the limitations of personal history and circumstance.

They may not recognize that they can harness their essential genetic programming to keep on developing. For even when it has been clouded by cruel circumstances, the ability to grow remains a foundational aspect of our humanity. The Deep Learning Method enables leadership coaches to be ever hopeful and effective, because it addresses and harnesses the fundamental qualities of those with whom we work.

The colourful truth about human beings is that we bring much more to any new learning situation than the demands of the job. Within ourselves we carry individual intelligence, unique memory-driven behaviours, and a complex of emotions. Frequently these factors tug us in opposing directions, making the process of learning complicated, increasing the possibility of failure and a backward slide into familiar routines.

Our natural human condition is a mix of motivation and apprehension, enthusiasm and complacency, confidence and diffidence, energy and resistance, vision and fear, future-oriented thinking burdened with past memories. The Deep Learning approach reminds coaches to keep our eyes wide open to the complex reality of human nature and behaviour.

Because the Process provides an in-depth framework for the coach's work, the coachee is guided more deeply into reflection and is supported in exploring underlying hindrances to successful performance.

The Deep Learning Process is powerful because coachees learn how to learn. As a result, the likelihood of their retaining accomplishments is greatly increased. Gradually the patterns that lead to success become habitual, even in cases where they did not initially expect to make deep personal changes.

Deep Learning not only addresses human ambiguity, but brings additional benefits. Learning about learning is high on the list. The coachee comes to understand how she learns best, how to manage her learning, how to reinforce her changes.

That means that the learning is transferable. The next time the meeting-challenged person runs into relationship problems in the workplace -- whether meeting-related or not -- she is likely to apply what she learned through the coaching experience. Not only that, but she may apply it in the family or the community, and the more she grows in those areas, the more her workplace performance will improve.

Learning in this way demonstrates substantial career benefits, as it helps the person become a better manager with better individual relationships, better team relationships, a better bottom line, and better promotability.

And because the person gains in both self-awareness and an understanding of her effect on others, the learning is not here today, gone tomorrow. It will last and continue to affect her work and relationships throughout his career.

Characteristics of Deep Learning
  1. Not a goal we reach but a path we follow
  2. Based on professional and ethical principles
  3. Addresses the problem of retention of learning
  4. Builds on an understanding of the human mind
  5. Requires us to assess the individual qualities of the coachee
  6. Is willing to engage at the level of personal issues
  7. Sees beyond the conscious mind
  8. Is powered by love
  9. Requires the coach's commitment to personal growth

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The Heart of Coaching

2nd Edition, 12th Printing 2002

Yesterday’s management skills do not guarantee success in today’s or tomorrow’s organizations. To create a sustainable, competitive advantage for your organization, you need a team-based, feedback-rich, high-performance culture that relies on coaching as the universal, connective practice.

The Heart of Coaching introduces "Transformational Coaching" as a fundamentally different way of approaching the process of leading others to enhance their performance. It creates egalitarian, mutually supportive, high-trust partnerships between people that transcend the traditional boss/subordinate roles. Shifting your mindset from "The Boss" to "The Coach" is essential for this transformation and this book is a clear guide for accomplishing that shift.  Transformational Coaching is the requisite skill for today’s leaders, managers, and supervisors who choose to enhance their personal effectiveness and the performance of those they lead.


Table of contents:

The Heart of the the Transformational Coaching Process

  • Why Coach?
  • Transformational Coaching Defined
  • An Overview of the Transformational Coaching Process
  • The Foundation Phase
  • The Learning Loop
  • The Forwarding-the-Action Phase
  • Coaching Language
  • Coaching Through Dialogue
  • Special Coaching Situations

The Heart of the the Transformational Coach

  • Why Does A Coach Need Heart
  • Communication Filters
  • Coaching Styles
  • Miscellaneous Coaching Tips
  • Self-Esteem and Healing
  • Transformational Coaching is Applied Leadership

Creating a High-Performance Coaching Culture

  • The vision of High Performance
  • Creating a High-Performance Organization

What People are Saying...

"This book  belongs ON THE DESK as a just-in-time resource for high-impact coaching."

Scott Tempel, Senior Consultant

"This book is a highly practical, "hands-on" approach to managing human and organizational performance.

John E. Jones, Ph.D., President, O.U.S.

"The concept of Boss as Coach is a compelling one, and Transformational Coaching will define leadership in the 21st Century. Tom Crane provides a mechanism for individual and organizational change that will add enormous value to people and their organizations."

Eric Mokover, Asst. Dean and Director, MBA Program, The Anderson School of Management, UCLA

"This work is right on point! Performance management is the business issue of our times and coaching is THE requisite skill for all leaders who need to get the best from their teams. Every practitioner will benefit from Tom's contagiously passionate approach, guaranteed to help you and your team."

C.O. Woody, Senior Vice President, Florida Power & Light

"Tom Crane has accomplished a difficult task--capturing the "essence" of coaching while building a rock-solid foundation for practicing this emerging art and science. The Heart of Coaching should be kept close at hand to mine it's many tools and techniques and to rejuvenate coaches when they lose sight of why this is such a rewarding and difference making field of work."

Jeff Zakaryan  from Dana Point, CA. USA

"If you are looking for an excellent training tool on coaching (and in today's business climate, we all probably should be), you definitely should consider Tom Crane's book The Heart of Coaching. The book is excellent in both style and substance. As for style, the book is written in plain English, with an "easy to read" visual format. As to substance, the book has chapter after chapter of useable and substantive information. Further, the book has both process (the central feature of the book is not just coaching, but "transformational coaching as a process") and practicality (as just one example, you will get genuine assistance from the insightful list of differences between "bosses" on the one hand and "coaches" on the other).

Albert D. Hoppe, Vice President & General Counsel of an Oil & Gas Company  from Houston, Texas

"Should be on the bookshelf of every organizational leader! I was in the middle of reading Dan Goleman's book, WORKING WITH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. I kept thinking, "This is great, but how does one apply the concepts?" Then one of my colleagues gave me a copy of THE HEART OF COACHING. It answered my question. Tom Crane has written a clear and concise book. His ideas on "transformational" coaching as an ongoing cycle of creating a solid "foundation", developing a "learning loop", and "forwarding the action" is a practical description of how to create empowerment and high performance in any organization. I am recommending this highly readable and extremely useful guide to all who are interested in putting the "heart" back into the work we all do."

 Tom Brown, PhD from Cincinnati, Ohio

"Useful, practical, "best in class" - Clients of mine (who are not management development professionals) say this is great guide for them and very practical and useful. I recommend the book to all the managers I know who are expressing a need to do a better job of coaching their people --- (a number one thing managers SHOULD do."

Robin Reid  from Southern California

"The best book on coaching to date - The Heart of Coaching is by far the best book on the subject of coaching I have read to date. As a management consultant, I have learned that the most difficult challenge in coaching is blending the "heart" of coaching with measurable results. Tom Crane has skillfully blended the "soft" coaching skills that are necessary for coaches to inspire and motivate with the "hard" skills of measurably improved performance. It is the latter which is essential for continuing organizational support of any coaching program. Without results, coaching will not be effective. I have been recommending this book to managers around the world because it achieves that delicate balance between organizational culture and individual performance. It is also filled with fun, inspirational quotes, and is easy to read without being too basic. Another "must read".

Traci Leeds, Competitive Edge Consulting

The Heart of Coaching.  $22.95 US + $5.00 Shipping and Handling

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