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Please print the following instructions before downloading any demo software.

To download and install the 20/20® Insight GOLD "Overview" Demo, follow these steps:

  1. On your C: drive, create a new directory called demotemp.

  2. Download the golddemo.exe file into the demotemp directory. The 20/20® Insight GOLD demo is a self-extracting .exe file which contains four separate files.

  3. When the golddemo.exe file is finished downloading, double click it. A screen will appear asking to which directory you want to extract the files. Choose the c:/demotemp directory, and click the Extract button at the bottom of your screen to extract the four files.

  4. In Windows® Explorer or File Manager, open the demotemp directory. Delete golddemo.exe.

    You should now have the following files in C:\demotemp:

    To install the 20/20® Insight GOLD demo, double-click setup.exe.

  5. Download the demo by clicking on the "OVERVIEW DEMO" medal below--but before you do--consider this:  Don't limit yourself to just the "Overview Demo."  This is primarily a features/sales piece.  I'd recommend you also download the "Respondent Demo."  This is truly interactive and will let you see what the user sees when they complete a questionnaire.  The IDP demo is also interactive and worthwhile.   But if you are in a hurry, the two most useful to you will be overview and respondent demos.


Overview Demo

About 7 minutes to download  using a 56K Modem

Click "Respondent Demo" below for directions on downloading the software or connecting to web version Click "IDP Demo" below for directions on downloading the Individual Development Planning software
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Respondent Demo-Web Version

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IDP Demo

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