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The power of a 360 feedback system is its ability to use computers to gather objective performance feedback information, consolidate it and create printed reports that help people plan for their development.

Every organization needs different kinds of feedback data. Reports used for leader development are different from those used for surveys. While detailed information may be given to rated individuals, supervisors and coaches usually need only summary information. Some people prefer a lot of data, while others would be overwhelmed by that much information. Sometimes groups want special customized report formats, because they are only interested in lowest-rated items or specific developmental recommendations.

20/20 Insight has an one of the most powerful report generators we've seen. With this system, organizations can control the kind of data, the amount of data, the format of data and the sequence of the data they give to individuals and groups. The 20/20 Insight report options menu contains more than twenty standard formats.

In addition, the system features a unique report designer. In minutes, customized reports can be designed and printed to satisfy the requirements of the people who will receive them.

This document describes the standard report format options featured in 20/20 Insight and its unique system for creating customized formats to the exact specifications of the user. 20/20 Insight GOLD features the most powerful report designer of any 360 system. With 20/20, users can control the kind of data, the amount of data, the format of data and the sequence of the data they wish to give individuals and groups.

You have two ways to get the kinds of reports that you want: select from standard report sections or use the report designer to create customized formats.

1. Select from standard report sections.

The software has a Report Library that features more than a dozen familiar, pre-designed report sections. You can select the sections you want-even customize each section if you want-to present feedback in the formats you need.

Standard Individual Report Sections2020LogoMed




Category Summary
Category Summary - Performance/Expected
Category Summary - Current/Previous
Category Summary - Self/Other
Item Ratings - by Category
Items Ratings - Performance/Expected
Item Ratings - Relationships/Comments
Highest-Rated Items
Lowest-Rated Items
Recommendations for Development
Summary Questions 

Project (Group) Report Sections 2020LogoMed

Category Summary
Category Summary - Performance/Expected
Category Summary - Current/Previous
Item Ratings - by Category
Item Ratings - Lowest to Highest
Subject Ranking - by Category
Subject Ranking - Overall
Summary Questions

2. Design your own report sections.

You can design and save any number of customized feedback displays for individual, group project and aggregate (multi-project) reports. Use wizards to select from among these report elements:

Graph selection Displays as a bar graph or a gap graph.
Type of data Displays summary category scores or individual item scores.
Sequencing of data Shows scores from highest to lowest, lowest to highest, or in the order the items appear in the assessment.
Respondent types Reports scores broken out by type of respondents, such as manager, direct report, peer or customer.
Distribution Shows how many people gave a specific numerical rating for an item or category.
Comparison rating If more than one scale is used, compares the scores between two scales.
Item-specific comments Displays comments related to each item.
Developmental recommendations Prints detailed recommendations for development for the two most widely used survey areas:  Team Leadership and Personal Leadership-which include developmental suggestions for 190 items in 16 categories. Each recommendation contains:   Two-paragraph description of why the behavior is important  A list of possible reasons for the low rating Specific suggestions for follow-up action
Recommended reading Allows for customized recommendations to include local resources.
Summary comments. Prints comments for end-of-survey questions.

3. Sample Report Output.  For a PDF of an excerpt:  Click here


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