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You'll save time and money, because you won't have to create or purchase support materials. 20/20 Insight GOLD is a fully integrated family of feedback and individual development planning software. Every step of the process and all the resources you'll need are included in the purchase of the program. Click on the video above to learn about the

   The 360 Smart Kit 

This CD-ROM contains valuable resources for asking the right questions up-front and implementing successful feedback projects.

   Administration Software

Set up projects quickly and easily with this program, the heart of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and aggregate report data from as many projects as desired.



   Web Response for Internal Servers or Web Hosting Service

This module allows users to deploy their surveys on their Intranet if they purchase the Web Response for Internal Servers or on the Internet if they purchase the Web Hosting Service.  (To test drive the web media, click on  Web Demo)

    Survey Library

This resource contains more than 1,000 items in over 100 categories. You can create the right survey for a specific project by selecting standard items, customizing them or adding your own.

   Respondent Software

Gather feedback from respondents using any combination of these five  media: web, local area network, Internet/interoffice e-mail, diskettes or paper. 

    Report Designer

Select from dozens of standard report formats or design your own individual or aggregate reports by using on-screen wizards.

    IDP (Individual Development Planning)

You can give individual development planning software to everyone in your organization to analyze feedback, create a plan and track progress--at no extra charge!

    Administrator Tutorial

Learning how to use the Administration Software is a breeze with this CD-ROM program. It presents an overview of the entire system and guides the user through each step of the set-up process.

   Help System

The Administration Software contains a comprehensive online Help reference with instructions for all aspects of the program.

    Technical Support.

There are no fees for technical support, and you can use the 20/20 Insight GOLD  toll-free number anytime you have questions or problems about system performance.

    Software Upgrades

You'll receive all upgrades to 20/20 Insight GOLD at no charge--forever!

   Leadership Development

Executives, managers and supervisors can diagnose strengths and areas for development.

    Individual Skill Development

Team members give each other feedback about personal leadership, team interaction and workplace skills.

    Individual-Initiated Feedback.

People on your local area network can get a wide range of input--opinions, reactions, suggestions and concerns.

    Team Development

Assess team issues by collecting input from a variety of customers and stakeholders.

    Competency Development

Get feedback about draft competency lists. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviors.

   Multiple Applications - HR and Marketing

You'll save money because you won't need as many different programs. You no longer need to invest in separate systems for 360 feedback, organization surveys, customer feedback, training evaluation and market research. 20/20 Insight GOLD is so flexible that it can perform all these functions!

       Needs Assessment

Study aggregate data to decide how much to invest for training and development programs.

       Level 3 Evaluation of Training

Develop customized surveys based on course objectives. Give them to participants before and after training. Compare the results to determine how much skills have improved.


Use 20/20 GOLD to measure competence-how well people do their work.

      Organizational Climate Surveys

Collect information about the organization's vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.

      Employee Attitude Surveys

Find out employees' perceptions about job satisfaction, training, advancement, reward systems and employee involvement.

      Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Get feedback from customers to find out what you need to change to create loyal customers.

      Market Research

Before launching a new product or marketing strategy, find out what would delight customers. Get their reactions to your planned initiatives.


20/20 Insight GOLD gives you an easy, no-cost way to structure feedback projects just the way you want them. Many 360 publishers charge fees for customization. With 20/20, you can tailor almost any aspect of a feedback project-at no extra charge! With simple point and click commands, you can set up feedback projects according to your specifications.

       Survey Areas

Customize survey categories and items. Add locally researched survey areas. 

       Measurement Scales

Select, modify or create scales from 2 points to 12 points in length. Use up to four scales per project. 

       Types of Projects

Request any kind of multi-source input or feedback. Use scales, open-ended questions, or a combination of both.


You can ask respondents to enter comments for every behavior. Select up to three comment prompts, such as "What I like,"  "What I don't like," and "What I'd like you to change." Add any number of end-of-survey questions for comments of any length.

       Relationship Types

Choose from standard perspectives such as peer, team member and manager, or create as many customized relationship types as you need.

       Assignment of Relationship

You may want to select only certain respondents (e.g., the manager) to respond to a particular scale or a category of items.


Customize on-screen instructions for respondent software, e-mail messages, report covers and report sections. 

       Number of Respondents

There's no limit to the number of respondents you can specify--at no extra charge. 

                           Developmental Recommendations

The survey categories in the areas of Executive Leadership, Team Leadership and Personal Leadership contain detailed recommendations for development and recommended resources, which can be included in feedback reports. You can edit the recommendations or add locally available resources.

       Report Formats

Select from dozens of report templates or create your own. Print report sections in any sequence you like. 


Reduce learning time for the administrator. 20/20 Insight GOLD takes only a few minutes to install. The software is intuitive and easy to use, so the administrator can begin setting up projects almost immediately. These components make learning and using the software a simple, painless process:

Wizards - Project set-up is easy and fast
Tutorial CD - Uses video and audio to show the Administrator how to use the software
Optional Administrator Course - For those who prefer hands-on, personalized instruction
Online Help - Quick answers to questions about the software
Coordinated reference and program materials - Lesson plans, scripts and visuals


Reduce learning time for respondents. The 20/20 Insight GOLD Administration Software creates respondent software for each person who gives feedback. The program is so easy to use that no instruction is required.


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