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Since 1983 N. E. Fried and Associates has proudly served more than 1,500 clients worldwide with its products and services and now going through transition. Today, the company's founder and president, Dr. N. Elizabeth Fried,  is changing direction.  She is only offering executive coaching engagements on a limited basis and focusing her time doing pro bono coaching for military special operations forces through The Honor Foundation.  As she phases out her practice, she will also offer two partial coaching scholarships for those who may not receive financial support from their companies.  Once you select a program--six, twelve, or eighteen months, if you qualify, she will match a portion of the fee for the program you select.  First, review her site to learn about her coaching programs, style, and client results by clicking here. Then, if interested, give her a call directly to discuss whether you may be eligible for this gift.
New Direction for Re-Wirement (Not Retirement!)

Today, Elizabeth  is pursuing her creative interests by helping film students as an actor, having played a wide variety of roles including grandmas, a cougar surfing the net for young men, a tough executive, a news journalist, a compassionate psychologist, a homeless junkie and an aging stage actress making a comeback.  She also performs paid roles for TV commercials (Living Spaces, Mauzy Heating and Air Conditioning) and short film projects. Her goal is to give back to the creative community, learn about the film industry and have fun.  Her biggest takeaway thus far is that acting is challenging and memorizing lines is HARD!  Her respect for actors has gone up 10 fold!

Check out sample clips of a few of her films and commercials here. 

Check out sample clips of a few of her films and commercials here.   

Local heating and air conditioning commercial  (2020, 30 secs)  



Living Spaces (no lines)  furniture commercial   (2020, 30 secs)



Web Commercial  Skinny Fit Testimonial for a Collagen product   ( 2020, 8 secs)



 PSA (this version did not air because of “F” Bombs.  The director wanted a film noir version for himself, so I just did a second one for him.) (1 minute). 

 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jdhm1rt6lcf02n/PP-BlackandWhite-DirCut.MOV?dl=0  (2020, 60 secs)


Personal film project edited clip “Dear Henry)  I play a psychologist.   (2019, 2 minutes)



No More Make-up  Student Film  I play a dying neighbor  (2019, 5 minutes)  You may have seen this



Cougartown, Student film done on zoom  (2021, 5 minutes)  I play a woman surfing the internet for younger men with a NY accent

 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wh0bj7qxi7iba6l/Final_Cougar_Town.mp4?dl=0  (2021, 5 minutes)